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This color chart is exclusive to PNW Print Co. These are the colors you'll achieve with our transfers.


You will receive our Color Chart #1 (yellow, orange, light brown...) - one of 10 Pantone color charts to give you the range of true color results printed with our printer for your color matching. Corresponding CMYK, RGB, and HEX/HTML color codes are provided for your convenience. The size of this chart is approximately 22" wide by 6" long, or 1 square foot.


If in doubt order this now and press on a garment for handy reference while designing or or showcasing to your customers.


The FULL color chart contains all 10 charts. The chart is printed on a 22x50 gang sheet. We may cut it apart for easier shipping.



How to use the chart:


1. Create a design in your software. Know the Pantone® number of the desired color.
2. Use the DTF Transfers Color Charts from PNW Print Co. to find the closest matching color. These charts include the closest coordinating HEX/HTML, RGB, and CMYK values for each Pantone® color.
3. IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that the colors on your screen might not accurately represent actual colors of the transfers. This is because many monitors on the market lack color accuracy. When seeking precise color matching, rely on your chosen Pantone® color for accuracy.
4. Adjust Color Settings: Start with Pantone® color and input the HEX/HTML, RGB, or CMYK values from the color charts into your graphic design software. Adjust the color settings to match the desired colors.
5. When color match is very important, we recommend ordering test prints. Order a sample using the chosen colors and compare them to the color charts. Make adjustments as needed to get the desired color accuracy.
6. Fine-Tune as Needed: Compare the test prints with your desired color outcome, fine-tune the color settings in your design software until you achieve the closest match to the desired Pantone® colors.
7. Document Settings: Once you've achieved the desired color accuracy, document the settings used for each color printed by PNW Print Co. This helps in maintaining consistency for future print jobs.

By following these steps and utilizing the provided color charts, you can enhance the accuracy of color matching in DTF printing for your projects.

ATTENTION: Please be aware that this Color Chart is intended solely for ordering DTF Transfers from PNW Print Co. Due to variations in different printers, ripping and printing software, ink, and film, using this chart with other setups from other companies will yield different results. It's important to emphasize that THIS Color Chart was specifically created for use with OUR printers ONLY!

PNW DTF Color Chart #1 - Pantone + matching HEX/HTML, RGB, and CMYK

  • You have to have a heat press for best results. Cricut Easy Press may not work well because you need steady heavy pressure to apply DTF transfers.

    • Heat press settings: 300 degrees, 10 seconds, HIGH pressure. Make sure no seams prevent the press from applying even heavy pressure!
    • Pre-press your garment for 5 seconds to remove moisture.
    • Position your design, cover with parchment or Teflon sheet, and press.
    • Peel HOT.
    • Cover the design with parchment or Teflon sheet, and press for another 5 seconds, HIGH pressure. 
    • PLEASE NOTE: If applying to a 100% Polyester or Nylon material:
    1. Lower temperature to 275-285 degrees.
    2. Lay a thin cotton kitchen towel under the garment. The transfer absorbs humidity from the air. The moisture has to go somewhere, but polyester or nylon are not absorbent. The towel will ensure your transfer is applied correctly and looks fabulous.
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