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MUST HAVE A HEAT PRESS TO APPLY! Easy Press or iron will not work because you need high pressure to apply DTF transfers.


DTF (Direct To Film) Transfer is exactly what it sounds like. It's an artwork printed on a special PET film with actual textile inks that you transfer onto fabric or other textiles using low heat and short pressing times. 



  1. Apply on a Wide Range of Materials including cotton, nylon, treated leather, polyester, 50/50 blends, wood, and more (light and dark fabrics).
  2. Great Washability: Has been proven through testing to be equal to, if not better than, screenprint or HTV transfers.
  3. High Stretchability
  4. Soft Hand Feel: even softer after the wash!
  5. DTF transfers will add an entirely new vertical to your business and production options
  6. DTF vs. HTV: NO MORE WEEDING! Using DTF for smaller designs (that are difficult to weed if you use HTV) works best, such as neck labels, chest pocket prints, and other intricate designs. With DRF, you're able to decorate with full-color prints, which is impossible with regular HTV. DTF is highly stretchable, unlike most HTV.
  7. DTF vs. Sublimation: Sublimation application is limited to polyester or high-poly blends. Substrates for sublimation have to be white or at least light-colored. DTF can be applied to any color fabric and any poly/cotton/nylon, etc., blends.

90's Girl Hippie Bus - DTF Transfer

PriceFrom $1.95
  • Use an infrared thermometer to ensure your heat press heats to a proper temperature and has no hot or cold spots.

    • Set your press to: 285 degrees, 15 seconds, high pressure.
    • Pre-press your garment for 5 seconds.
    • Position your design and press.
    • COOL the garment completely before removing the film!
    • Return the garment to the press, cover with parchment paper, and press for another 5-7 seconds, high pressure. The last press will ensure the transfer is properly adhered to the material, make the transfer look matte, and drive any speckles of glue into the fabric.
    • PLEASE NOTE: If applying to a 100% Polyester or Nylon material: lay a thin cotton kitchen towel under the garment. The adhesive absorbs humidity from the air. 100% polyester or nylon are not absorbent and will not absorb the moisture from the transfer. The towel will ensure your transfer is applied correctly and looks fabulous!
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