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What Are DTF Transfers?

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

DTF transfers are a gateway to expanding your business and saying yes to more orders than ever before.

PNW Print Co. transfers are printed with a modern commercial DTF printer using high-quality textile inks for the best results.

So, What Are DTF Transfers?

DTF is an abbreviation for Digital Transfers on Film (or some may refer to Direct to Film). DTF transfers are a relatively new heat printing option. Your artwork is printed on a special PET-coated film using water-based inks and a powder adhesive coating. You then transfer the design onto fabric or other textiles using a heat press.

What does a DTF Transfer feel like?

DTF has a softer hand. They feel like high-heat HTV, but DTF prints are highly stretchable, unlike heat transfer vinyl, and will never peel off or crack if applied properly.

How does DTF compare to other transfer options?

  1. DTF vs. screenprint: DTF transfers have no color limitations, and you can print unlimited colors at no additional cost. That makes DTF more cost-effective. There's NO minimum requirement.

  2. DTF vs. HTV: you don't need to cut and weed your images anymore! You can print small text and fine lines without a problem. Multicolored DTF prints are cheaper than HTV!

  3. DTF vs. Sublimation: you can print on fabrics other than polyester (cotton, blend, nylon, some leather, and even wood). You can print on ANY color materials instead of being limited to white or light-colored shirts. DTF can be heat-pressed at lower temperatures to eliminate the dreaded scorch mark when sublimating.

Have More Questions About DTF Transfers?

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