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A gang sheet is multiple images printed on the same transfer sheet. You can have multiples of separate images or multiples of the same images. You can choose to have multiple sizes or the same size.

The great thing about custom gang sheets is you pay one price for the transfer size sheet you order. The number of images on that gang sheet do not play a factor in the price. So, the more images you fit within the size the less you pay per image. This is a huge savings when ordering for events, sports teams and bulk orders. Here is an example for you.

We recommend you leave yourself at least .25” in between each image if you're planning on cutting the images apart using scissors.

Our pricing structure is simplified to “Sheet Pricing”. This means that you are able to put multiple images on a roll of film without incurring any additional fees. You simply pay per square foot, regardless of how many of the same or different images you put on the Gang Sheet.

  • Our standard roll width is 22" inches

  • Build your Gang Sheet as short or as long as you wish!

  • All images for DTF printing can be ganged.

  • Fill up the space as much or as little as you like – it’s your sheet, your way!

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