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Creating a Gang Sheet for Custom UV DTF Transfers

Updated: Mar 20

Understanding the specific requirements for UV DTF printing is crucial. It's recommended to utilize vector graphics or designs with a resolution of 300 DPI or above. Achieving this is relatively easy since UV DTF transfers are typically smaller than those for t-shirts. So, sizing down designs meant for adult-sized shirts significantly increases the resolution of the file for UV DTF printing.

Since you start preparing your order for printing using high-quality graphics, we want to ensure that the quality and resolution of the designs are preserved after you save your gang sheet.

Use Proper Software

Choosing the right graphic design software is essential for creating gang sheets for UV DTF printing. Professional software like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, as well as basic but very powerful software like Affinity Designer, provide features and capabilities for the task! Let's delve deeper into why these software options are essential.

  • Adobe Photoshop for Image Manipulation: Adobe Photoshop is a powerhouse tool specializing in image editing and manipulation. It enables seamless handling of photographs, graphics, and textures, making it indispensable for building UV DTF transfer gang sheets.

  • Adobe Illustrator for Vector Graphics: Conversely, Adobe Illustrator shines in the realm of vector graphics creation. Vectors ensure that designs retain their sharpness and clarity even when resized, a crucial advantage for intricate prints.

  • Affinity Designer can be compared to Photoshop, but it's more accessible for many crafters as it's very inexpensive and provides you with enough features to create designs and build gang sheets.

  • Canva simplifies the process of building UV DTF gang sheets with its intuitive interface and versatile design tools. Users can easily adjust canvas sizes to match UV DTF specifications (read about recommended artboard sizes below) and access a wide range of templates and elements for creative customization.

  • The UV DTF Gang Sheet Building App is provided by PNW Print Co at no cost, ensuring that creating gang sheets is effortless for you! It's by far the simplest way to prepare and submit your printing orders.

High Resolution for Optimal Printing Results: Regardless of your software preference, it's imperative to prepare files for UV DTF transfers in high resolution. Maintaining a minimum resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch) ensures artwork remains sharp and detailed.

This elevated resolution is paramount for achieving superior printing outcomes, providing the clarity and quality necessary for professional-looking transfers.

Set Up UV DTF Artboard

In your graphic software (Photoshop, Illustrator, Affinity Designer, or Canva), set your gang sheet width to 23 inches and customize the length as desired in increments of 6 inches for simplified ordering. The minimum length is 12 inches, and the maximum - is 60". You can create multiple sheets if your order is larger. Ensure a transparent background and set the resolution to 300 DPI or higher.

Here are the settings I use in Affinity Designer:

UV DTF Transfers are priced per square foot. 1 linear foot is equivalent to 2 square feet.

The main difference between our DTF and UV DTF gang sheets lies in their width. DTF gang sheets are cleated to be 22 inches wide, as our DTF printer requires wider margins on the sides. Once you adjust the width of your UV DTF artboard to 23 inches, you can proceed with the steps outlined in our original post regarding regular DTF gang sheet building.

UPLOAD prepared gang sheet sheets to your Google Drive and share them with: (preferred method). Please email links to and include your order number in the Subject field of your email.

If you prepared your gang sheets in Canva: email links to and include your order number in the Subject field of your email.

We hope this helps. But please let us know if you have any additional questions!

Copyrights and trademarked images: We cannot print copyrighted or trademarked designs unless you possess the copyrights or have explicit permission to use them. PLEASE NOTE: Purchasing a copyrighted or trademarked design on Etsy does not grant you the rights to print it, as many Etsy sellers may not adhere to legal requirements - we do. Please avoid including such designs in your gang sheets, as orders containing them will be rejected and require a revision of your gang sheet. This may lead to a delay in your order.

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