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Updated: Oct 9, 2022

ATTENTION: for larger orders, create multiple gang sheets not to exceed 3-5 feet each to make the file sizes manageable for emailing. Alternatively, larger sizes gang sheets can be uploaded to your Google Drive. Please share your Drive uploads with

I'll demonstrate how I create my gang sheets for DTF printing. I use Affinity Designer. Steps will be similar in Photoshop and other design programs.

ATTENTION: To avoid transfer size discrepancies, please make sure all gang sheets are exactly 22 inches wide. When we receive your files, we will resize your sheets to 22 inches wide if your program saves them oversized. Our rolls are 24 inches wide. By making your gang sheets 22 inches wide, you do not have to worry about the border space and can place your design as close to the edges of the art board as you wish.

Create a new document by clicking File -> New:

A window will pop up where you will choose your layout. I'm building a gang sheet that's 22 inches wide and 24 inches long (that is 2 linear feet or 4 sq.ft.). You can make your art board as long as you wish. Make sure the document is 300 DPI and the Transparent Background box is checked:

Click Create.

Start bringing your images into the document. DO NOT Mirror Your Designs. Our printing process is semi-automatic and will mirror your order. If you mirror, your order may be printed backward.

I use the Transform tab to size the image up or down, as needed:

Use Copy and Paste functions to multiply the images as needed. Rotate, if needed, to utilize the space. The more transfers you fit on the Gang Sheet, the less you pay per design! ;) Just remember to leave yourself enough room, at least 1/2", to cut the designs apart with scissors.